It shouldn’t be necessary to enable folder duplication with WHS as the array is inherrently secure. I use the rocketraid as just a IDE conrtoller and I can connect upto 8 hard drives of various sizes. Performance and power usage of multiple PCI cards not to mention cabling issues, round IDE cables a must will be a problem, not to mention the fact monitoring and maintaining multi IDE cards will be a hassle. You are far better off just using a hard drive or another USB stick to store your data. I would recommend breaking your array if you have one and going without drivers. Yes, you can make the USB drive writable, but there isn’t much space.

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Windows Home Server Hardware and Installation. Hi Don’t bet on the array to be inherrently secure. Jan 28, When ready add the drivers and go.

I’ll mess with jumbo frames later tonight, assuming that won’t mess anything up with my regular net connection on the router as well as my ethernet printer. WHS picked up the card asked for drivers.


Looks like one of the larger linux distros like Ubuntu or Fedora will have drivers for it, and they support GPT to partition your massive array. Remove From My Forums.

Do you already freena an account? I already have the set up as a 5. It works very well in WHS with a 5 drive array. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

If your looking to add new hard drives get a SATA2 controller that supports 4 drives. It’s requires a driver from Highpoint to work with the hardware.

Installing FreeNAS 8.x on HDD with RocketRAID support. | FreeNAS Community

Joined Feb 9, Messages 1 Thanks 0. I am about to install this card with 6 gb drives and am wondering the same thing in terms of operating systems. Well, I look at it like this: Friday, July 13, 3: Wednesday, February 21, Log in or Sign up. I don’t think FreeNAS supports the The controller is installed and WHS is happy.

Installing FreeNAS 8.x on HDD with RocketRAID 2680 support.

Freenas does have the driver but it doesn’t have any raid management tools. DewJan 23, I recently finished building my raid 5 on this controller and it seems to be working pretty well.


What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. I’ll have hundreds of conections per hour. I was going to change this soon to see how WHS handles my particular suite of data, but the array works fine.

You will need to go there for support. Not sure what problem in particular you are referring to. DewJan 28, I used Debian Linux, which does not have the drivers built in, but I was able to compile the drivers as a kernel module and it works very well. I also rigged a fan over the rocketaid on this controller because it gets extremely hot. I suppose I could run Win as a virtual machine under Linux, but meh So the system volume is going to be limited to UDMA.

The disks are all seperate of each other and can be removed and plugged into another system or bus with all data still intact.