It says that I’m connected. If it’s DHCP, then do: I can always disconnect from my network and delete the profile of my network so it asks for the key again. Local Loopback inet addr: I have tried to find help from ubuntu-fi forum but no luck there. Well, it’s never as easy as you’d think, is it:

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I don’t see anything obviously wrong and it actually looks pretty healthy.

Index of /files/public-docs/A-Link/WNU-AL

Well, it’s never as easy as you’d think, is it: Here’s the link that put me on the right track: I have tried to find help from ubuntu-fi forum but no luck there. I don’t believe you are actually connected.

As I said, the dongle is found by the system and my wireless network is found by the dongle. Now, unfortunately not everything is OK. I hope someone can help me with this? So does this help?

Recent Drivers  RDO1-D850 DRIVER

Here’s below some data again but this it looks different. LoadStaus 3[ 3.

Please connect and post: So, I downloaded a driver from here: LoadFWStatus 3rtStatus 0 [ 3. Thx – rebooted my system and my dongle is there, finding my network.

After detaching cable and reboot: Now i can get wlan connection to my router and when i check from router it looks like to be connected. I have exactly same identical problem as Saunatonttu has.

When you click it to connect, are you asked for the encryption key? The computer finds my adapter, but doesn’t make a connection You have no more firmware error and you can connect to the router!

A-LINK WNU – WikiDevi

Does it try to connect? The user should, most times, not even notice that their connection has been managed for themPlease detach the cable, wait a few moments for NM to notice the change in state and try again.

Now click the NM icon and tell us if you see your network. Wonders a gloomy Mike. Here’s screen cap of some basic info: Open a terminal and do: It’s already connected as I unplug the cable.


What could be wrong? A similar problem is discussed at the following site: I’m out of here for the moment, happily and wirelessly surfing away.


When I unplug my ethernet cable or just disconnect it from NM I still am connected to my wlan, Please detach the ethernet cable wju reboot.

You might want to know that “dmesg grep ” sends me quite a few of these messages: Everything worked fine with this, also a “double” Internet connection. Firmware download is failed [ Switch to 20MHz bandwidth Thx again, you’ve been tremendously helpful.