I absolutely love fried food, particularly hot chips. I also tend to bring popcorn chicken to the cinema with me instead of regular popcorn. And while I know that fried food is bad for the body, I really do not understand why people would order grilled fish with their fish and chips. After all, the best part about fish and chips is the battered fish.

So, when someone told me about the existence of an air fryer (air fryer reviewair fryer review ), I got a little worried. Word on the street told me that I could fry food from home with an airfryer, but with 80% less fat compared to regular deep fryers.


The Wonders of an Airfryer

People told me that airfryers take healthy cooking to a whole new level and can help parents like me come up with delicious yet healthy versions of any kind of food that their kids love, including fried chicken and French fries.

To do this, airfryers use patented Rapid Air technology, which makes hot air circulate around the food in a quick and precise manner to create the perfect meals in the end. They also have grill elements that help make the food extra crispy.

Thanks to the airfryer’s unique design, any excess fat and oil from food can be drained while cooking. This means that even food like fried chicken will end up with less fat after being cooked in an airfryer compared to being cooked in an oven.

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Crossbows are generally quite easy to shoot. In fact, anyone can shoot a crossbow and hit their target with enough practice up their sleeve. Unfortunately, some hunters still miss their targets while hunting with anyone. Generally speaking, various factors come to play when it comes to missing a target while hunting, but the good news is that all of these factors can easily be prevented. Learn the best crossbow tips in this article on how to become a successful crossbow hunter.


1. Practice

This might sound simple, but a lot of hunters buy a crossbow and simply assume that they can hunt with it right away. This isn’t the case, though. As with any other weapon for hunting, you will have to practice using it first, even if you have been shooting with crossbows for years.

To start, take your bow and walk around the yard with it while shooting offhand from different yardages and angles. If you plan to hunt in a sitting position, then practice your shots while sitting. Practicing in the same way that you plan on hunting will greatly help in preventing missing your targets once the time for the hunt comes.

2. Do not make assumptions

Do not just assume that your broadheads will hit the same spot that you are targeting with your crossbow because a lot of the tie, they won’t. So, practice shooting several arrows with your broadheads before going to the woods. Sometimes, a small adjustment in sight is all that you need for your crossbow cope.

3. Clear out several shooting lanes

Crossbows and guns are not the same things. Even small branches can easily deflect arrows and make you miss your target; so don’t try to force shots through brush. If you already know where your next hunt will be taking place, visit the area with a friend and clear out several shooting lanes. It would also help to take note of how far certain landmarks and trees are, so you can judge the distance once an animal appears and you don’t have enough time to range it.

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Camping receives a whole new meaning once summer is over. In the fall, the mornings are colder, the weather becomes perfect for hiking and warm food makes everything a little bit better while on a campsite. If you still aren’t sure if camping in the fall makes any difference compared to camping in the summer, here are 8 reasons why you should try it out.


1. The scenery is breathtaking.

Practically every area in the country will be filled with beautiful colors in the fall, making it the most picturesque season to go camping, in general. Not only will you be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, but you will also be take home great photos of those memories at the same time.

2. The morning weather is delightful.

The weather is absolutely delightful in the fall, especially after you wake up tired in the morning and hold a warm mug of coffee with steam rising to your face with the fall air all around you. As long as you have the right gear and clothes with you, camping will be much more comfortable with the colder fall temperatures in the morning than it was during the hot and humid summer season.

3. Camping is cheaper in the fall.

A lot of campgrounds decide to drop their prices in the fall. Since the peak season is over, you can finally enjoy highly affordable rates. Keep in mind that a lot of campgrounds will stop taking reservations, though, so you will need to book your slots early on if you don’t want to miss out on all of the fun that comes with fall camping.

4. There won’t be as many bugs around.

When the temperatures drop during the fall, bugs tend to vanish along with the warmer season. This turns the forested campsites that are usually awash with mosquitoes and other pests much more comfortable. You should still bring some bug spray with you just in case, though.

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A lot of people go on camping trips even when it isn’t summer anymore. Thanks to gear and clothing advancements, as well as weather forecasting, it has become easier to prepare for different types of weather nowadays, making camping a year-round activity. While you can try your best to plan a camping trip in good weather, it is still best to prepare for anything, though.

Ideally, you should anticipate all of the dramatic changes that a camping trip may bring. It would also be important to stay positive towards anything that nature might send your way. While you may not be able to control the weather, you can definitely adapt to it as needed.

Camping in the Heat


If you camp in the heat, you need to get ready for the different conditions that may bring. If you are staying in an air-conditioned trailer or motor home, you might not encounter a lot of problems. However, you have to get ready for instances when the power fails. Conversely, if you are staying in a tent, make sure you steer clear of thin nylon walls that won’t provide you with any comfort from the heat whatsoever.

As for your clothing, make sure you bring light-colored clothes that send the rays of the sun away and vent off sweat. Nylon and polyester work well in the heat, for example, because they dry quickly. Make sure you bring a hat to keep your head safe from the heat, as well.

Naturally, if you are camping in the summer, you should keep your sleeping bags at home and bring lighter and cooler bedding with you instead. If you are camping in a tent, avoid feeling hot and stuffy by removing the rain fly or by sleeping on a sleeping pad outdoors instead. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to bring mosquito repellents with you to keep unwanted bugs at bay as you sleep, either.

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Deer season is nigh, but there’s no need to panic just yet. You still have time to get things ready. There are several things that a lot of hunters tend to neglect until the very last minute, even though these things should be done as soon as possible. Here are 3 basic things that you should get done before deer season, no matter what.



1. Get permission

Most hunters hunt at the same places and simply assume that they can keep hunting there for as long as they’d like. Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you lost the rights to hunt there, though?

If you have simply been depending on the kindness of the landowners of your hunting grounds who let you hunt their as they please, then this needs to change. You need to make sure that you still have your hunting grounds when the time comes. If possible, try to look at new areas, as well.

While it might be true that it is getting harder by the day to get access to good hunting ground, you can still get permission by asking around. However, if you wait until the very last minute to do so, then you might lose out. So, instead, ask right now.

2. Get in shape

No matter how much you hate exercising, you need to exercise in preparation for deer season, especially if you tend to cover a lot of ground on foot during the season.

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